Hello, and welcome to the next step in my post-military globe-trotting. Many of you followed my first blog (tonyrides.com) as I traveled the United States on my Motorcycle, riding over 18,000 miles and reaching 49 states and three countries.

In this next installment, my friend Jerod and I will be going abroad for an open-ended jaunt. We will start in the Middle-East at the end of February and see where the roads and the winds take us.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who wants a busride?

Well, another quickie from Dahab.  We've been here for some time now, and we are ready to move on.  Tomorrow we are taking a bus from Dahab to Luxor.  Apparently it takes 15 to 20 hours.  Should be exciting.  On a personal note, I had my first near-miss with "mummy tummy", the name given to GI maladies contracted in Egypt.  Luckily, I think my self-proclaimed iron stomach was able to fight it off before it became much of a show-stopper.  So that's it for now.  Our next entry should be from Luxor, after visitng Karnak and or the Valley of the Kings.


  1. hope your tummy feels better! xo

  2. If you or your friend ever get another stomach bug, try not to eat for 24 hours (just drink a lot of soda or sports drink for the calories). The reason is because if you keep eating, you'll keep having bowel movements, and keep making yourself sick. The stomach bug replicates in your waste, so every time you use the bathroom, you risk re-contamination. Oh, wash your hands CONSTANTLY, and try to avoid fresh produce, salads, or having ice in your water while in Egypt.